FYI is a personal development program, founded by Bria Montgomery to inspire twenty-something year olds to stay true to  themselves while achieving their goals. We don't have it all figured out in our twenties and that is the beating heart of this organization. FYI's most recent project aims to initiate more conversation amongst our peers about the power of transparency. Check out the promo video for #TheTransparencyProject below.


The Transparency Project (TTP) was created based on the notion that there is a link between openness and honesty-- and one's ability to align themselves with their FULL potential. The more open and honest we are with ourselves and the world around us, the more receptive we are to all of the amazing things life has to offer. In efforts to eradicate the stigma of vulnerability and transparency, several of our peers shared the most intimate parts of themselves with the world! Their stories are told in an inspiring docu-series about the transcension of the human spirit through openness, patience, and the Four pillars of TTP! 

#TTP's Four Pillars of Alignment:

  1. Community Consciousness

  2. Leadership

  3. Personal Growth

  4. Spiritual Grounding



Episode 1: "I Look Nothing Like What I've Been Through"

Ep. 1: We have been shaped by every thought, desire and fear. See what your peers have said about their personal struggles and what led them to The Transparency Project.


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