What does the beginning look like for you?

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

The start of the rest of our lives look different for many of us. Some of us are in college, or recently graduated, and are already settled in our 6 figure making careers. Then there are others, who— no matter where they are in their lives can’t escape the grueling curse of the warped clock. “I’m 25, I should be settled in a career”, “I’m 22 and still haven’t received a full time offer”, “I’m 29 and still unmarried”. The truth of the matter is, no matter where you are in life, THIS IS THE BEGINNING. The beginning of the rest of our lives starts with questions that many of us ask: who am I? and Who do I want to be? Between those two questions is what seems like a never ending pit of tasks, battles, trials and tribulations. Regardless of what your current situation is reflecting, this moment is the beginning of something new for you.

For many of us, including myself, we have an ideal situation that we’re waiting for to initiate our next step. “When I have more money, I’ll start this business”. This is where we fall short. Why? Well, what if you never reach your ideal situation? You’ll just never start. The idea that there is ever a perfect time to jumpstart your dreams is a facade. Your beginning is here. The time is NOW!

For me, “the beginning” was very dark. I was alone, with a broken heart and broken pockets. However, in the midst of each emotional breakdown, I took a deep breath, pulled out my laptop and brainstormed several things I was actually good at… until… well, my negative thoughts creeped back into my head and sent me on a downward spiral all over again. I did this, repeatedly, until my productivity outweighed my grief. And before I knew it, not only didn’t I shed a tear over the same things again, but I noticed that I was THE SHIT, and uniquely designed, (just like you). So I put the pedal to the metal, and my confidence took off, (right along with my dreams).

My situation may have been similar to your current one. Your present circumstance may look NOTHING like what you envision for yourself, but once you learn to feel these scary things if/when they occur, and to use it as the beginning of something new each time, you’ll be unstoppable.

Keep in mind— you may have several “beginnings”. There may be several times in which you’ve mustered up enough courage to start living in your truth, and BOOM, life unexpectedly shows its ass and you can’t seem to reclaim control over your life again— but this is your reminder. You can’t control every aspect of your life, you can only control EACH TIME YOU CHOOSE TO START AGAIN (and again and again).

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