Now I have nothing against my sisters who would "Bonnie and Clyde" with their man til the ends of the earth, but just make sure your morals don’t fly off that fast ass motorcycle in the process...

I get it “Ride or Die” is a figure of speech. Which likely implies that a couple should have one another's back through thick and thin. TRUE... but somewhere down the line “Ride or Die” and misguided loyalty have become one and the same. ESPECIALLY when you're "riding" to fill voids that only you could take the shape of.

We’ve all heard of the outlaw, dynamic duo, “Bonnie and Clyde” who would commit crimes with one another for the sake of love and loyalty. Since then, we may have even seen our own friends/ family reenacting those types of tumultuous relationships. Hell, you might have had your fair share of them too! But as times are changing, and women are saying “hell to the no” to the fuck shit, we must acknowledge when/ if you’re Riding or Dying a little too hard.

This video briefly explains some of my sentiments, and you should take with you the following key points and questions to ask yourself:

1. Are you being exposed to your partner's traumas in the form of rage, substance abuse, physical, mental or sexual abuse?

2. Do you feel obligated to stick with your partner because he/she “needs” you to survive? (or vice versa)

3. Are your friends and family worried about your well-being?

4. Do you feel lonely in your relationship?


NO PARTNER WHO LOVES YOU will expose you to their traumas or demons in an unhealthy way, or in a way that has a direct negative effect on you!

P.S. refer to my Blog last week to identify traits of self sabotage and forgiveness of yourself. Surrounding yourself with people who love you and want the best for you are both forms of SELF LOVE .

Peace & Love


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