I found myself cleaning my room today. My space. The place that awaits my tedious little decisions that ultimately make it the most comfortable, most peaceful place to be. These tedious little decisions— be it the position of a perfume bottle on my vanity, or the precise location for my yankee candle’s sweet aroma to fill each crevice of these four small walls— are only complete, if I be it so. I control the rhythm.

Everything that exists has a rhythm. A dance. A way in which it operates that contributes to a million other things, feelings, actions and people. Composed by all of those tedious, precise decisions, a grander system is created. I found myself cleaning my room today because all of those small actions helped me contribute to my rhythm that, more overly, saved my day from complete destruction. I cleaned my room today to revive my rhythm just as it appeared that no other little system in my life kept its own.

Simply put, I cleaned my room today, because; after two emotional breakdowns in the office, a failed grub hub order, and a cancelled UBER (that I gladly received credit for. OKUURT), I came back to what I knew could not subjugate me, as it was only as in tact as the effort I put into it… and that was just cleaning my goddamn room.


Studies have shown that people who conduct one small productive task in the morning, like making their beds, have more productive events occur throughout the day than those who do not. This fact, if nothing else, gives insight to the simplicity of changing your environment to change your perspective, which may ultimately change your life. There is an unequivocal sense of power and control of oneself that comes from relinquishing the obligations associated with showing up for the world, and instead submitting to what helps you show up for yourself for the sake of keeping your balance when shit goes underway. Doing what feels good for you is what will keep you winning that internal tug of war for your peace.


Sometimes you have full control of every important aspect of your life, and other times, you can only control your 9”x11” square foot room. And even more often, the only control you may have is of your thoughts. Regardless of what today may or may not have looked like, take these following pick me ups with you:

1. if you can control it, do that shit, and if you can’t, welp… control what you can. (even if it’s cleaning your room)

2. There is a way that the world works, and unfortunately you’re a tiny component in this fucked up energetic realm, AND THAT’S ENOUGH TO GET YOU TO STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN’T CHANGE.

3. Embrace change and evolution and even if life is spinning out of control, because there you will find your growth!



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